Diagnosis and management offered both in London and overseas.

In 1982 a member of one of the Royal families in the Emirates was involved in a serious car crash. As a result he lost his speech.  At that time Valerie was one of the few qualified Speech and Language Therapists in the world with a knowledge of Arabic. She was invited to go to Al Ain to give him intensive help. Since that time she has travelled extensively throughout the Middle East to lecture, to set up individuals programmes (IEP), and to train professionals to follow these programmes both at home and in schools. At one point she had a clinic in Qatar. In those early days there was very little professional help available and many families prefered to keep children at home rather than expose them and the family to unwelcome speculation.

Times have changes and now families and particularly young mothers want help for their children’s speech and language and learning difficulties. Whilst there are a growing number of specialists in the Middle East, many of them do not have the necessary experience to help with complex problems. Moreover they are overwhelmed by the need and appointments are hard to obtain in most countries. In some countries there are no facilities. With her knowledge of the culture and language, Valerie is able to offer a unique service to such families.

The family might decide to travel to London for a diagnosis. This would enable them to consult a number of specialists in a short period of time. Following on a diagnosis the family might decide on a number of options:

  1. They might decide to take an intensive course of management with Valerie herself in London. This is particularly a popular option during the school holidays.

2. If family commitments do not allow for that, Valerie can travel to their home country to liaise with schools, private tutors and where available Speech and Language Therapists. An individual programme for any child can be followed at home with regular monitoring.  This can either involve a further visit to the family at home, or the family returning to London for a brief review. The service is entirely flexible and can cater for children with ADHD, ASD, specific language impairment, hearing impairment, dyspraxia, developmental delay together with more complex problems. Assessment can be carried out in English and Arabic. Children from countries other than the Middle East can also be helped.


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