Presentation skills for broadcasters, politicians and non-nationals.

In the early 1990s Valerie received a call from an ex-client, someone she had helped overcome a voice problem. He was the Head of Reporters for a national TV news channel, desperate to locate somebody who could help one of his young reporters.

15 years later together they trained and influenced a whole generation of young broadcast journalists, many of whom have gone onto have glittering careers. The secret of their success is that every reporter was encouraged to develop their own style, they were not cloned. At that time this was innovative. The training encompassed traditional voice training and knowledge of phonetics and diction together with help on scripting, body language and general presentation skills.

Word spread and Valerie’s portfolio includes a number of high profile politicians, both within the UK and internationally. She has worked for and with Sky News, ITN, Al-Jazeera and Bloomberg. Today she is able to use this skill to help public speakers of businessmen and woman to create their own unique style for business presentation, media presentation and public speaking. With globalisation many people for whom English is a second language are seeking to improve their communication skills in spoken English to maximise their potential in the workplace. Using her background of phonetics and psycholinguistics, Valerie is able to analyse aspects of their spoken English which detract from their ability to communicate effectively and target these areas. She is not offering speech correction but a bespoke service respecting their own style but modifying it to make it more acceptable to a native English ear.


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