A bespoke service offering Diagnosis and management for a wide range of speech and language difficulties.

Every child is different. Every problem is individual. Accurate diagnosis is essential to create an individual and personalised programme for each child and their family.

Under Valerie’s personal care using a developmental profile, any children’s needs are constantly monitored helping to achieve language and learning potential.

The initial interview looks carefully at a child’s development and where possible formally tests both speech and language. If appropriate a hearing test is arranged, often on the same day. The initial assessment creates the basis for the management programme to be shared with parents and carers at home.

Nurseries, schools and any other individuals involved can be contacted at this stage. School visits can be arranged where appropriate. The rationale is to create a targeted approach to any child’s problem, ensuring that the programme develops dynamically as the child himself develops. Children may attend for sessions weekly, twice weekly, more or less frequently depending on the family situation.

Under Valerie’s care the programme is personal. Your child is not expected to fit into a programme, but the programme is designed for each child.

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